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9 months ago, I decided to let my Carriere and other projects on hold, to try creating a safe solution to help, my second son Neithan to Recover from Brachycephaly a form of Plagiocephaly cranial deformation.

When in December after 4 month of testing and prototyping our Doctor told us that everything was back in place and symmetrical with no sign of physical limitation, I started to look for financing For PLAGI-O, a non-prosthetic ergo-medical tools that could enhance protection, comfort, and help with the prevention and correction of cranial deformation and other sleep accidents...

What I found is NOTHING, I was told that baby product was not really a trend for investor, and that new product development was risky because of the many steps it implies.

After that, I started to ask myself, what was the goal of investing millions in research and development, if it is not to improve the life of people who paid that investment from their own pocket? AND if trying improving Parent and Baby life is not important or standard innovation, What is innovation?


Where they see ‘’Baby Product’’ We saw ‘’Parental & Baby life improvement Tools’’


YES, Parenting is a full-time job, and like every Job, Better Tools provide Better Result and happy Parents provide happy babies. Not like if the result isn’t important? We build the people of tomorrow, our next generation of scientists, entrepreneurs, workers, a better version of ourselves.

Parenting come with no plan or user manual but more than often the challenge we overcome are pretty much the same and when we talk to each other, you quickly find that We speak a Universal language... The Parent one.

What we seek with Ladgio is Creating EFFECTIVE, LONGLASTING, MULTI-USE, MODULABLE, EVOLUTIVE products with the only restriction is to Being what you need them To Be, a LIFE FACILITATING TOOLS that are made to evolve and match long term need.

BY Parent For Parent.

Thorough our different plate-form, We will show every idea of the LADGIO SMART PRODUCT LINE, the look, the description,the utility, the possibility, the thoughts behind the creation and ask YOU , Is That What YOU Need? Nowaday everything is based on data analysis, preferences, We want to base this on HUMAN SPEAKING TO HUMAN.

Good Idea Means Nothing When They stay to the state of Ideas.

As this Website is THE HOME OF PARENTS, we really Encourage you to tell us what kind of items you want to see here. I am alone Now but in constant search of Partner to grow, the website will constantly be updated to try to be as pleasant as it could be.

LADGIO One Of Many Part of the Solution.

For more information reach us at:

mail: jonathansimard@ladgio.com

tel: 1 418-803-2966

adresse: 1061 eldorado street Qc Ca G3K1S8